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203 Power Affirmations as a PDF for Free

To create these affirmations, I reviewed the books and programs that have helped me the most over the years.  Books by such teachers as Napoleon Hill, Tony Robbins, Zig Ziglar, Dale Carnegie, and several others.  I took the ideas that I wanted to master and transformed them into Power Affirmations that I could plant into my subconscious mind. 

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There are 203 Power Affirmations in 6 different categories including:

  • Increasing self-confidence
  • Achieving your goals
  • Improving your health
  • Better relationships
  • Creating wealth

When you join my list to get the sample Power Affirmations, I'll also tell you how you can download all 203 Power Affirmations in MP3 format as well as an additional 285 Power Affirmations inspired by "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles.  Between these two collections, there are 488 Power Affirmations available.

Using recordings that I can listen to over and over and over again is my favorite way of using affirmations.  And you can download all 488 of my Power Affirmations recordings within minutes.

Here's What One User of My Affirmations Had to Say...

Recently I had a chat with someone who downloaded all 488 Power Affirmations MP3s several months ago.  Here's a short summary of the benefits that she says that she has received since she started listening:

  • "I found my thoughts really improved and realized just how negative my thinking was before I started listening to your affirmations."
  • She said that she is much happier and things are going much better.
  • She has moved closer to her kids and grandkids (note:  the benefits that she is experiencing will now positively influence multiple generations.  Like ripples in a pond, you can't tell how far the results of a single positive thought will go).
  • She is in a new apartment with all utilities included for $100 less than she was paying previously.
  • She has a better job with better benefits.

Some of these results are difficult to measure.  Some are well defined and very measurable.  I believe she is going to experience greater and greater benefits for as long as she chooses to listen.

Will these affirmations help you increase your life?   Can you benefit from my experience and efforts?  There's an easy way to find out.  Just get the sample list of Power Affirmations and review them for yourself.

Keep Moving Forward,
Bill Marshall