Free Two Questions Coaching by Email Program

Be sure you also take a look at my free coaching by email program.  The two questions are:

1.  What progress did you make towards your goal this week?

2.  What is your plan for next week?

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To succeed, you have to have a purpose/goal, you have to have a plan, and you have to put that plan into action.  Once you clearly define your goal, these two simple questions asked and answered regularly will help you achieve it.

Download a Free List of 488 Power Affirmations as Text


The affirmations were inspired by ideas from books and audios such as Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Awaken the Giant Within, Personal Power II, and Time of Your Life.

This PDF also includes Chapter 4 on Autosuggestion from "Think and Grow Rich" as an interactive workbook.  This chapter explains why affirmations are so powerful.

This PDF will also give you an idea of what you will receive when you sign up for my free 17 week self-study course on "Think and Grow Rich."

Note: If the PDF doesn't open right away when you click the link, RIGHT CLICK on the above link and SAVE the file to your hard drive.

You should use Adobe Reader XI to read the file in order to be able to enter your notes in the electronic work book. You can download it for free from

What Can These Power Affirmations Do For You?

Here are just some of benefits you can receive by using these affirmations:

  • Develop a "success consciousness" where your thoughts are predominantly about what you can do.
  • More readily spot opportunities for achieving your goals.  Those opportunities are probably already in your environment, but you are not recognizing them.
  • Learn to create your own opportunities.
  • Create sound plans for achieving your goals.
  • Develop more self-confidence and courage.
  • Build better relationships.
  • Adopt better health habits.
  • Develop the qualities of a pleasing personality--attracting more friends.
  • Find ways to increase your income.
  • Intensify your desire to achieve your goal.
  • Breakthrough procrastination.
  • Be more decisive.

This sounds like a lot (it is!), but you don't need to take my word for it.  You can prove all of this to be true for yourself by simply using the list of affirmations everyday for at least the next 30 days.  It won't cost you a dime to try.

You may find it more beneficial to listen to the affirmations. If so, I propose that you get my Power Affirmations recordings. If you decide you want to download the recordings, you can do that at anytime (there's over 8 hours of affirmations, over 100 slideshows, and 12 audiobooks, etc).  But that's entirely up to you.

There are two primary benefits to getting the recordings:

  • You can create your own custom playlists--as many as you want.
  • You can load the playlists on your smart phone or other listening device (or burn to a CD) so that you can listen when you are not online.

Free 17 Week Think and Grow Rich Self-Study Course
and Optional Coaching by Email

In addition to the list of free Power Affirmations above, you can take my free 17 week self-study course of "Think and Grow Rich" when you join my email list.

Here is what is included in this free course:

1. Once every 7 days, you will receive a new chapter of "Think and Grow Rich" as an interactive workbook. There are areas in every workbook where you can enter your own notes and answers to various exercises using Adobe Reader XI.

2.  Once every 7  days, you will receive a follow up email that asks two simple questions:

What progress did you make towards your goal this week?

What is your plan for next week?

There are certainly a lot of self-analysis questions we could review each week, but I have found that keeping the process simple is best.  If you consistently ask and answer these two questions each week, you will be surprised at how they will help you stay on track on your goal.  The key is to be consistent.  The purpose for going through this exercise is to build a habit of reviewing your progress and taking corrective action.

You can choose to answer the questions on your own and keep your answers private.  Or if you would like my feedback/coaching by email, you can email your response to me along with any questions you may have.  All emails between us will be held private and confidential.

3. Every day of the course (119 days total) you will receive a non-commercial short email with a quote from "Think and Grow Rich."  The purpose of these emails is to refocus your thoughts on the book.

What you will NOT receive are a lot of commercial emails asking you to buy stuff.  Currently, I have one product that I offer--access to a download page with a ton of material for only $19. You can learn more by visiting

 At the end of "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill makes this statement:

"Mind control is the result of self-discipline and habit. You either control your mind or it controls you. There is no halfway compromise.

The most practical of all methods for controlling the mind is the habit of keeping it busy with a definite purpose, backed by a definite plan.

Study the record of any man who achieves noteworthy success, and you will observe that he has control over his own mind, moreover, that he exercises that control and directs it toward the attainment of definite objectives.

Without this control, success is not possible."

The purpose of the affirmations and my self-study course is to help you take full possession of your own mind and direct it towards the attainment of your objectives and goals.

Your goals may include improving your health. Or your relationships. Or increasing your wealth.

Whatever your goals are, the only way you will achieve them is by taking possession of your mind and directing it towards those objectives.

My personal goal is mastery.  I invite you to join me.


Bill Marshall

Do you need personal help with affirmations? If so, just email me anytime at I will do what I can to help you.

Includes My Free Two Questions Coaching By Email Program

When you sign up for the course, you can also participate in my "Two Questions coaching" by email program.

Once each week, you will receive an email asking you two questions:

1. What progress did you make towards your goal this week?
2. What is your plan for next week?

You will also receive a PowerPoint file where you can answer these questions.

The purpose of these two questions is to keep you moving forward towards the achievement of your goal.

You can also email me questions about "Think and Grow Rich."

To learn more, visit my page about the program.