"He Came to a Land of Wooden Towns
and Left a Nation of Steel"

This is a headline to a famous advertisement for U.S. Steel. The person referred to here is American industrialist, Andrew Carnegie. The wealth he amassed is still considered one of the greatest single fortunes of anyone in human history.

Andrew Carnegie did not come from a wealthy family.

His family immigrated from Scotland to the United States when he was but a boy.

At age 13, he got his start in life working as a "bobbin boy" in a cotton mill for a mere $1.20 per week.

He first learned about the Bessemer process for producing steel in 1872 at age 37. He opened his first steel plant, the Edgar Thomson Steelworks plant, 3 years later at age 40. This plant still produces steel today.

In 1901, a mere 26 years later at age 66, he sold his company to a group of investors led by J.P. Morgan for about $480 million. Carnegie's share was about $225 million--making him the richest man in the world at that time.

U.S. Steel is still operating today. Companies like U.S. Steel, The Ford Motor Company, and General Electric (co-founded by Thomas Edison) stand as living monuments to the soundness of Napoleon Hill's philosophy.

It's important to note that these are large, multi-national organizations that grew over a period of time. They grew from the seed of thought. Naturally, there is much about managing corporations like this that is beyond the scope of "Think and Grow Rich." The focus of "Think and Grow Rich" is the beginning. The "seed" of thought that grew into these companies.

But without the "seed" these companies would not have come into being. The good news is that the process used to create the "seed" for large companies such as these is the self-same process we must use to achieve our goals and create the wealth we desire.

What was Andrew Carnegie's "secret?"

How did this immigrant boy from Scotland, eventually retire in 1901 with over $200 million? That's still a lot of money but in 1900--and before federal income taxes? Wow.

If Andrew Carnegie were willing to sit with you and give you wise counsel on building a business, the creation of wealth, and achieving success, would you listen? Would you study his words carefully? Would you take action on the ideas he gave you?

I don't know about you, but when someone that successful is willing to share a philosophy of success with me, I'm going to pay attention--even if it comes through the words of another author.

I may not be interested in putting forth the effort to create the same level of wealth that he did, but I would want to know how to apply his secret to create the money I desire.

What did Carnegie reveal in his initial 3 day interview when he commissioned a young author to create a philosophy of success? What was the greater part of his wealth that he entrusted to Napoleon Hill to distribute?

And...what does all of this have to do with affirmations? Everything...

Can You Use "The Carnegie Secret"
to Achieve Your Goals? If So, How?

About 15 years ago, I decided that I wanted to recondition my thinking along the lines outlined in "Think and Grow Rich" and other books, seminars, and audio programs. I had already used the ideas in "Think and Grow Rich" to move from Oklahoma to California to get the job of my choice at the company of my choice. But I wanted to take the next step.

I decided I would go through all of this material and create 1st person, present tense affirmations of the most important ideas.

Then I decided to record these ideas so that I could listen to them over and over and over again. I was determined to make these ideas my dominating thoughts.

The results I attained were so powerful that I decided to create a website for the purpose of helping others.

I created PowerAffirmations.com a year later for the purpose of providing people just like you with simple but effective tools for applying what I believe was Andrew Carnegie's secret. I started with my initial 203 Power Affirmations recordings and added additional material later.

No matter how much material I study and add, I still go back to "Think and Grow Rich" as the foundation.

Part of Andrew Carnegie's secret involves using affirmations (or autosuggestion)...but there's more to it than that. In "Think and Grow Rich," Napoleon Hill outlines 13+1 steps to riches. These are:

1. Desire
2. Faith
3. Autosuggestion (here is where he goes into detail about the use of affirmations)
4. Specialized Knowledge
5. Imagination
6. Organized Planning
7. Decision
8. Persistence
9. Power of the Master Mind
10. The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
11. The Subconscious Mind
12. The Brain
13. The Sixth Sense
Bonus Step: How to Outwit the Six Ghosts of Fear.

Although the focus of this website is on the principle of autosuggestion, you can see from the list above that there is a LOT more in "Think and Grow Rich" to study and master in order to use the "Carnegie Secret" to achieve your goals. For example, creating a Master Mind group, creating plans, using your imagination, your subconscious mind, and using your brain as a broadcasting and receiving station for the vibration of thought.

To make it easier to study and MASTER the ideas in "Think and Grow Rich," I've added a free 15 week course featuring one electronic workbook per week that you can get by joining my list.

In addition, I've created a unique series of PowerPoint slideshows of the entire book. There is a separate slideshow for each chapter of the book. In addition, I've extracted some of the most important sections, and created 25 mini-presentations to make it easier to focus on specific ideas.

Each slide of the presentation is a separate sentence to encourage slow, focused, concentrated reading.

Those slideshows are not part of the course.

I recommend getting my "Think and Grow Rich" slideshows and reviewing each sentence and chapter through slow, focused, concentrated reading. Learn more by visiting http://www.poweraffirmations.com/resources/

You can get one of my slideshows right now further down this page.

You can also join my list and take my free "Think and Grow Rich" study course.

About 14 years ago, I decided I was going to go through several influential books and audio programs and create affirmations for myself to remold and reshape my thinking. I wanted to develop the "money/success consciousness" that Napoleon Hill wrote about in "Think and Grow Rich."

The end result was an initial 203 Power Affirmations that I wrote and recorded. Later I added an additional 285 inspired by "The Science of Getting Rich" by Wallace D. Wattles. All 488 Power Affirmations are available as text, slides, and recordings.

...But Affirmations are NOT Enough...

Affirmations are a great tool. Autosuggestion is necessary, but not sufficient by itself for you to achieve your goals (financial or otherwise).

You have to have a Definite Major Purpose, you have to have a plan, and you have to put that plan into ACTON.

The use of autosuggestion, or affirmations, is to condition your subconscious mind so that we automatically take the necessary ACTIONS for success.

Your subconscious mind guides most of the actions you take day in and day out. It is the seat of HABIT. The challenge most people have is that they let their environments influence their subconscious minds rather than voluntarily feeding it with their own plans and purposes.

Your subconscious mind drives your actions. Your ACTIONS generate your RESULTS.

What you want are the RESULTS. You want the money, relationships, happiness, health, etc. But getting the RESULTS you want consistently and by design (on purpose), requires a process.

Generate the CAUSES of success and the achievement of success is certain.

So how do we influence our subconscious minds? We do that through choice. Through the principle of autosuggestion (repetition of positive thought), you can voluntarily plant any idea, plan, or purpose into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind will then automatically guide your actions to achieve your goal.

But this only happens through repetition.

The ironic thing is that we can use our conscious minds to voluntarily condition our subconscious minds. That's where autosuggestion comes in. The key is to chose what we want to focus on, use autosuggestion to condition our subconscious minds, then allow our subconscious minds to guide our actions to create the results we desire.

Most people don't use their conscious minds to condition their subconscious minds. They allow themselves to drift through life. That's why most people struggle. They allow themselves to be tossed to and fro and depend on luck to get what they want. Betting on luck is a bad bet. The house almost always wins--and you are not the house.

This is why I the tools I offer include recorded affirmations, slideshow presentations, ebooks, and audiobooks.

Using Simple Slideshows

Personally, one of my favorite tools are the simple slideshow presentations I've created for myself using PowerPoint. I've created over 128 presentations that contain thousands of slides.

The slideshow presentations include affirmations, but also entire books. For example, I've created unabridged slideshows for "The Science of Getting Rich," "Think and Grow Rich," and The King James Version of the Bible (each book is a separate presentation).  In this case, the slideshows contain the entire books.  So you can see why there are so many slides.

The benefit of the presentation is that each slide contains a separate affirmation, sentence, or verse to promote slow, thoughtful, focused reading. For example, I have been spending a lot of time during March 2014 studying the "Think and Grow Rich" slideshows that I created. During that time, my level of understanding has increased significantly.

Chapter 10 from “Think and Grow Rich” –
The Power of the Mastermind

For a specific example, this is chapter 10 from my "Think and Grow Rich" collection of slideshows - The Power of the Mastermind. This is one of the most important chapters in "Think and Grow Rich." Andrew Carnegie told Napoleon Hill that he owed his entire fortune because of his mastermind group.

When you are ready to download the entire book of "Think and Grow Rich" in PowerPoint format (a separate file for each chapter), you can visit http://www.poweraffirmations.com/resources/

Here is a challenge to you:  download this slideshow and review it at least twice each day for the next 30 days and see how it begins to shape and sharpen your thinking.  As you do, you will be inspired to take additional actions towards your goals.  You will be inspired to form one or more mastermind groups for the purpose of achieving your goals.

You can download some sample slideshows by visiting How  to Use Slideshows to Condition Your Subconscious Mind.

I've also made my entire collection available on my download page.

My personal goal is mastery.  I invite you to join me.

If you want the list of 488 Power Affirmations to review, just click on the button below.

Download a Free List of 488 Power Affirmations as Text


The affirmations were inspired by ideas from books and audios such as Think and Grow Rich, The Science of Getting Rich, How to Win Friends and Influence People, Awaken the Giant Within, Personal Power II, and Time of Your Life.

Note: If the PDF doesn't open right away when you click the link, RIGHT CLICK on the above link and SAVE the file to your hard drive.

You should use Adobe XI to read the file in order to be able to enter your notes in the electronic work book. You can download it for free from http://get.adobe.com/reader/

What Will These Power Affirmations Do For You?

Here are just some of benefits you can receive by using these affirmations:

  • Develop a "success consciousness" where your thoughts are predominantly about what you can do.
  • More readily spot opportunities for achieving your goals.  Those opportunities are probably already in your environment, but you are not recognizing them.
  • Learn to create your own luck.
  • Create sound plans for achieving your goals.
  • Develop more self-confidence and courage.
  • Build better relationships.
  • Adopt better health habits.
  • Develop the qualities of a pleasing personality--attracting more friends.
  • Find ways to increase your income.
  • Intensify your desire to achieve your goal.
  • Breakthrough procrastination.
  • Be more decisive.

This sounds like a lot (it is!), but you don't need to take my word for it.  You can prove all of this to be true for yourself by simply using the affirmations everyday for at least the next 30 days.  It won't cost you a dime to try.  I recommend that you get the list of affirmations and (more importantly) that you listen to the affirmations.

Why listen?  Because you can get more repetitions in a lot less time.  I've posted ALL of my 488 Power Affirmations on SoundCloud so that you can listen online for free.  Because you can listen online for free, there is no reason not to start immediately.  You will begin to notice benefits even if you listen for just 5-10 minutes per day (I recommend at least 30).

If you decide you want to download the recordings, you can do that at anytime (there's over 8 hours of affirmations, over 100 slideshows, and 12 audiobooks, etc).  But that's entirely up to you.

There are two primary benefits to downloading the recordings:

  • You can create your own custom playlists--as many as you want.
  • You can load the playlists on your smart phone or other listening device (or burn to a CD) so that you can listen when you are not online.


Bill Marshall

Do you need personal help with affirmations? If so, just email me anytime at whmarshall@earthlink.net. I will do what I can to help you.

Think and Grow Rich is Napoleon Hill's best and most concise explanation of the Carnegie secret. I recommend ALL of his books and audios. But Think and Grow Rich remains my favorite place to start.

You will receive 1 workbook each week for the next 15 weeks--one chapter a week. The workbooks are in PDF format and are designed so that you can enter your own notes