“Grow Rich While You Sleep”

by Ben Sweetland

It’s a catchy title, but what it’s really about is improving your life by conditioning your subconscious mind while you sleep.  One of the techniques he recommends is listening to self-improvement audio recordings while you sleep.

This is a fantastic book that I’m pleased to recommend to all the visitors to  About two weeks after I read this book, and began combining some of his methods with my Power Affirmations, my overall income increased about 20% and is still rising.  It’s been a while since I’ve seen that kind of increase over such a short period of time.  And most of the increase is due to ideas that I received while sleeping.  I’m going to be reviewing this book myself in greater detail over the next few months.

I believe his methods will work for anyone, but especially people who are in sales or have their own business.

And when you get the 488 Power Affirmations recordings, I’ll also let you download a digital copy of this book as a PDF.

Yes, I Want to Get “Grow Rich While I Sleep”

95% of all human problems stem from a negative mind. This figure includes such traits as timidity, domestic discord, business failure, bad memory, tenseness, unhappiness, worry, etc.

You can do something about it… while you sleep!

You are a mind with a body attached, not a body with a mind attached! Realize this and you are on your way to self-mastery. This is the new approach to the Conscious Mind through the other level that never sleeps, the Creative Mind. What you will discover is priceless!

This book shows how to use the deepest thinking part of you, while you sleep, to get whatever you want out of life . . . money, personal influence, love, respect and admiration.

At will, you can direct your Creative Mind to assist you in solving problems…making the right decisions…in creating ways and means of great achievement…over night!  With this technique you can sleep on it and awake in the morning with answers so clear-cut you will be amazed!

You will discover:

  • 6 exercises that develop your latent creative powers into a mental powerhouse.
  • 5 ways to make your Creative Mind work for you.
  • A formula for building a success consciousness that will lead you to success in any direction … and double your income.
  • How to develop your powers of concentration.
  • How to accentuate the positive … and gain a magnetic personality.
  • How to go on a mental diet … to gain radiant mental and physical health … and feel younger than your years, even at 70.

By unblocking the mind-line this method automatically improves the memory, strengthens other mental powers, casting out self-doubt and self-defeat. It builds optimism, confidence, courage, and brings out latent talents, shows that you can grow rich … in all things . . . material as well as spiritual . . . while you sleep.

About the Author

The late Ben Sweetland was widely known for his syndicated column, “The Marriage Clinic,” and for his many books, including I WILL, and I CAN. He was active on the West Coast as a consulting psychologist, and was much sought after as a lecturer throughout the states.



  1. How This Book Helps You Grow Rich
  2. Riches: An Interpretation
  3. Sleep: How To Enjoy Peaceful Sleep
  4. Your Real Seat of Intelligence
  5. Man Is Mind
  6. Getting Acquainted with the Real You
  7. You Are What You Think You Are
  8. You Are Twice as Good as You Think You Are
  9. Money: A Myth
  10. Riches: A Matter of Consciousness
  11. A Study in Contrasts
  12. Grow Rich in All Things-While You Sleep
  13. Accepting the Supremacy of Mind over Matter
  14. Mental Exercises vs. Physical Exercises
  15. Thoughts Are Pictures; Pictures Are Patterns
  16. Your Mental Eraser
  17. Building a Consciousness of Success
  18. Discovering the Law of Abundance
  19. You Become Rich Right Now
  20. Psychosomatic Ailments: Are They Real?
  21. Developing a Health Consciousness
  22. Accentuate the Positive
  23. Help Yourself by Helping Others
  24. Electrosonic Means of Aiding You
  25. Your New Life of Health, Wealth and Happiness

Is it Possible to Improve Your Life
While You Sleep?

I think it’s possible.  At least it’s working for me. And when you improve your mind–your thought habits–those thoughts turn into improvements to your life.  For example, what if you planted the suggestion that you are worth at least twice as much as you are currently earning?  If you meditate on that idea consistently, the odds are that your income will increase.  Your subconscious mind will look for reasons to prove that statement true and present you with ideas to make that a reality.

What do you think?  Does that make sense to you?

It seems clear to me that our subconscious minds never sleep.  That’s what keeps us breathing at night.  That’s where dreams come from.  I have found that I get some of my best ideas if I turn a problem over to my subconscious mind just before going to sleep with the expectation that I will get new and creative ideas when I wake up.  I find this method works better the more I use it.

How to Plant Positive Thoughts
into Your Mind While You Sleep

What would happen if you were to plant positive suggestions into your mind at night while you sleep using positive audio recordings?  You may find those thoughts coming to you during the day exactly at the time that you need them.  For example, if you plant positive suggestions that you are confident, courageous, and bold, when you are faced with an opportunity, you may find yourself thinking “I can do that” and then take decisive action to move forward.

Or if you plant ideas while you sleep that you eat healthy foods and love exercise, you may find yourself making better food choices and going to the gym more often.

The only way I know to do that is with recordings.  Think about it.  You can do visualization before you sleep (which I recommend), but not while you sleep.  Hearing is the only physical sense that can pick up these kind of suggestions while we sleep.

Also, most of us are too busy to do affirmations regularly.  Doing them while you sleep is easy, efficient, and effective.

I have experimented listening to several different types of recordings while sleeping–relaxing music, positive audio books, hypnotic recordings, and affirmations.  Of all of these types of recordings, I have found that affirmations work best because of the power of repetition–both of a single idea and a theme of ideas.  That’s why my affirmations are grouped in themes and according to the chapters of “The Science of Getting Rich.

With my iPhone, it’s easy to have them play softly all night long.  I can either listen to them randomly or I can create a specific playlist that will play repeatedly all night long.

These affirmations are really positive suggestions that I make to my mind over and over and over again to improve my life.  I’ve personally been using these recordings regularly for over 10 years now, and I find that they are still fresh and alive.  I get new positive ideas and inspiration every time I listen to them.