100 Day Challenge

Are You Getting the Results You Desire?

Setting your goals is relatively easy.  You identify what you want and you come up with a plan to achieve it.

Achieving the results you desire is more difficult.  It’s where the rubber meets the road.  You either achieve your goals or you don’t.

How many goals have you set in the past that you have not yet achieved?  Do you know why you have not achieved them?  Maybe one of the reasons is you have not taken results-focused action towards achieving the goal every single day.

Maybe you lost your focus.  Maybe you lost your motivation.  Maybe you listened to the voice of discouragement in your head when the results didn’t come as easily or as quickly as you had hoped.

In my experience, the people who achieve their goals most consistently are those who follow a daily process–daily disciplines–that move them in the direction of their goals.  If you want to follow a proven process for achieving your goals, I heartily recommend Gary Ryan Blair’s 100 Day Challenge program.

The 100 Day Challenge is the most impressive program I personally know of for achieving your goals. Here’s why: it’s a daily program.  If you want to achieve your goals, you have to take consistent, focused, inspired action everyday in the direction of your goals.  This program provides the tools to help you do that.  Here are just some of the tools used in the program:

1.  8 forms to guide you through the goal setting and achieving process.  This includes forms for setting your goals, prioritized action lists, After Action Review form, report card, and a SWOT form.

2.  100 videos–one video per day to inspire you to stay focused and take action.

3.  Weekly After Action Review teleseminars.  These are recorded so that you can listen to them later if you are not able to attend the live call.

4.  Two smart phone aps.  The 100 Day Challenge ap (that allows you to watch the 100 videos) and Everything Counts (text and audios based on Gary’s book).

5.  Accountability Coach software.  This is a daily reminder to watch the videos and stay focused on your goals.

6.  Accountability Clock software.  This is one of my favorite tools.  This allows you to enter each of your goals and when you plan to achieve them.  The clock shows you how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until the deadline.  You can automatically or manually shuffle through each goal to see the amount of time remaining for each one.  This helps to create a feeling of urgency and accountability so that you take daily action.

7.  Screensavers and Wallpaper.

8.  Online Forum.  This is a way to connect with other people who are in the program to achieve their goals.

In short, this is a comprehensive goal setting and achieving program you will want to take multiple times. I’ve been an alumni of the 100 Day Challenge for the past 3 years and I get more out of the program every time I take it.