7 Sample Power Affirmations Recordings
You Can Listen to Right Now

Here is a playlist from Sound Cloud that has 7 sample Power Affirmations from my collection of 488 Power Affirmations.

This may seem like one long seamless file of affirmations, but it’s actually 7 separate MP3s grouped together into a single playlist.

When you get my entire library of 488 Power Affirmations MP3s, you can create an infinite number of similar custom playlists and listen on your digital music player, your computer, or even burn the list to a CD.

Because each MP3 is a separate file, it also means that you can repeat single tracks, shuffle, etc.  Anything you can do with a playlist of songs, you can do with a playlist you create of my Power Affirmations.

Notice the quality of the audio.  I recorded these affirmations in a professional Hollywood recording studio so that the sound is crystal clear.  Then I meticulously edited the recordings to remove all breaths and other distracting sounds.  This means that when you listen, you can focus on the ideas and let them sink into your subconscious mind.

As you listen to these recordings, notice how similar thoughts and ideas begin to pop into your mind.  These affirmations set a train of thought in your mind that will inspire new ideas for actions you can take to achieve your goals.  They will inspire self-confidence and faith that you can and will achieve what you want.  The more you listen the faster and better your results will be.

You can get the entire library of all 488 Power Affirmations recordings right now for only $7 by clicking on the link below.  I’m also including my unabridged recording of “The Science of Getting Rich” (also recorded in the studio).

The $7 price is a holiday special.  The price for the package is normally $19 and will be going back up after the holidays.

Download My 488 Power Affirmations MP3s